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is my new project on statistical analysis of the Homeric and Hesiodic Epic.


Copyright 2002,2003,2004,2005 Konstantinos Kopanias.
All the components of KORAIS written by Konstantinos Kopanias are released under GNU General Public License. Please read the license terms before using the software. Be warned that I do NOT offer any warranty. You are using this program under your own risk.

Third part software and fonts used in KORAIS:
1) "mail.jar" (License) and "activation.jar" (License) by Sun Microsystems, Inc.
2) The cat icons can be found here (the author granted permission for their use in KORAIS).
3) The rest of the icons and also some of the classes used (customDialog.java, debug.java, errorDialog.java, exceptionDialog.java, exceptionExtractor.java, imagePreview.java, paragraphDialog.java, print.java, printPreview.java, statusBar.java) are part of the Brahmi Project by Harsha Ravnikar and Anitha N (GNU GPL License).
4) The jar files are executed with the help of one-jar written by P. Simon Tuffs (License).
5) The "korais.exe" file for the Windows version has been created with jsmooth (GNU GPL License).
6) The classes "fontgrid", "ConverterList.java", "unicodein.java" and the file "unicodedata.java" were written by Ken Borgendale (the author granted his permission for their use in KORAIS).

The Aramaic, Phoenician and Etruscan fonts were created by Dr. Jack Kilmon.
The Antonius Coptic font was created by Michael Sleman (no license could be found). The Code2001 fonts (which support among others: Ugaritic, Old Persian, Linear A & B) were created by James Kass. The Gentium fonts was created by SIL International (License). Ancient Greek fonts you can also find in the Graphis Project.

This application was named after the Greek scholar Korais, as a small tribute for his significant linguistic contribution.


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© 2005 Konstantinos Kopanias. All rights reserved.
For more information about KORAIS contact kkopanias@gmx.de
I am not responsible for the content of external internet sites