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is my new project on statistical analysis of the Homeric and Hesiodic Epic.

Writing with ancient scripts and making your texts available to text editors of multiple platforms (Windows, Linux/Unix, Macintosh etc.) is unfortunately still not a very easy task. KORAIS is a word processor and email application with an integrated input method, that will help you address exactly this problem. No installation is needed. You can use and distribute KORAIS totally FREE of charge (check the licence).
Here is a summary of what KORAIS allows you to do:
  • Write texts or emails in Aramaic, Ancient Greek (Polytonic) and Modern Greek (Monotonic), Coptic, Cypriot Syllabogram, Etruscan, Hebrew, Old Persian, Phoenician, Ugaritic, Linear B.
  • Convert texts from 137 various Encoding into Unicode.
  • Use up to 137 Encodings to save your texts.
  • Convert any non-Unicode Greek font to Unicode Greek.
  • Use as many of the available Keymaps as you want in a single document
  • Easily add your own Keymaps using any characters in Unicode 4.1 (e.g. Egyptian Hieroglyphic, Luwian, Linear A etc.), using combinations of up to 7 Hotkeys you can assign up to 3433 characters to a single Keymap!
  • Easily add any Unicode 4.1 characters into your document through a table that displays all Unicode characters available
  • Convert your text to Unicode or to one of 137 available Encodings
  • View all Unicode characters available on your system in a graphical representation
  • Send and receive e-mails with or without attachments. The recipient will be able to read your text, even if he does not have KORAIS
  • Administrate easily an infinite number of IMAP, POP and SMTP accounts!

Click to see a larger image!

This application was named after the Greek scholar Korais, as a small tribute for his significant linguistic contribution.


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